Book Review: Hiking Through

Hiking Through
Author: Paul V. Stutzman
Genre: Memoir
Source:  Dorothy at PumpUpYourBook

Paul Stutzman dreamed of through hiking the Appalachian Trail all his life, but life got ahead of him. After losing his wife to breast cancer Paul decided to take a risk- he quit his job of seventeen years and set out on the trail.  On his nearly 2,200 mile journey from Georgia to Maine Paul dealt with extreme loneliness and brutal trail conditions, as well as, breathtaking vistas and irreplaceable trail camaraderie. Embarking on one of the most famous hikes in the world Paul learned that God had been with him every step of his life and armed with this knowledge and the help of his trail friends he was able to find peace.

Hiking Through
reads like a conversation with a dear friend.  I found myself laughing and crying with Paul, and throughout the entire book I couldn’t wait to embark on my next hike. Paul magnificently weaves anecdotes from his childhood with his days on the trail. As the hike progresses we witness and learn from his healing. Paul’s fabulous descriptions and conversational tone made me feel as though I were hiking along side him. Paul’s message is so simple, yet so many struggle to live it- slow down, enjoy life and don’t take your spouse for granted.

If you are a hiker, nature lover, believer or struggling to deal with a loss you will find inspiration in this memoir.

I give this book 5 stars!
Make sure to check out Paul’s website to read excerpts of his book and view photos from the trail!


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