Moving Soon

I realize it appears that I have forgotten about this blog. The truth is that I have been working on moving to a new and what I hope will be a better site! As I may have mentioned before I am a web designer by day and while I love reading and writing I have felt that my current blog hosting isn’t giving me the flexibility I am looking for. I am still using going to use wordpress, but I am working on a completely customized look. I am really excited about this project and unfortunately I have not been very good about balancing my time between the redesign and keeping up with blogging here. This upcoming weekend I am planning on catching up on my reviews. I have read some really fabulous books in the last few weeks, and I am itching to finish my reviews and share them.

I was home over the weekend and I ventured into the attic to locate some of my books. I was able to find my box full of my Nancy Drew books! Now I will really be able to jump headfirst into the challenge. I also learned that I don’t own all 56 titles, and I hate having an unfinished collection. I’ll be organizing myself and collecting the missing books in the upcoming weeks.


One Response to “Moving Soon”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hey Katie, let me know what books you a missing – I think I had seen a few at my library on their book sale shelf.

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